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Planet X: MOVED to Oct 4 Coordinates

The direct light commonly known as white light, as in star light,
arrived AT the Zeta given coordinate points, and moved in accordance
with the change in RA and Dec predicted by the Zetas.  This was the case
on the images captured on Sept 21, 2002 and MOVED to be the case also on
Oct 4, 2002. Pierre has identified the Oct 3, 2002 coordinate spot, and
his best guess as to the red persona of Planet X.

And the change in RA and Dec from the Zeta Coordinates given on Sep 14,
    9/15/2002 RA 4.400347  Dec 12.14128, converted,
          are RA 4 24 01   Dec 12 08 29.
    10/4/2002 RA 4.400986  Dec 12.13942, converted,
          are RA 4 24 04   Dec 12 08 21
This is a drop in Declination, and a slight movement to the right in
Right Ascension.

    I think the best white light candidate is in frame 6. Two
    horizontal pixels (a third slighter brighter than background
    on on the top right side) just a few arcseconds to the left
    and slightly above the Sept 21 white light spot. After
    looking at the Oct 3 Zeta coordinates location that Pierre
    provided it is the closest spot and also brightest.
        Steve Havas

The JPG where Steve has circled his candidate is on the above page,
which the Zetas confirmed to be the white light persona of Planet X, and
the JPE where Pierre has presented a Sum of the red filtered FITS files
clearly shows a new object there, not present on the images taken by
Steve on Sep 21, 2002 nor on the NEAT and ESO-DSS images used as

 Sum of Red Filtered:
 Comparison NEAT images:
 Comparison ESO-DSS image:

Camera FITS files, JPG and GIF files showing locations, and
correspondence related to analysis of the images captured on these dates
are links off the TEAM page.

In this regard, on the coordinates for Planet X,