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In response to the questions posed in your correspondence dated April 8, 1998, I am offering the following. Please be aware that we are retaining an attorney, having incorporated in Delaware and having filed Form 1023 without benefit of legal advice. If this response is not sufficient, I beg you to give us an opportunity to respond via our attorney. I understand from a conversation with you this day that for this to occur, I must provide you with a Power of Attorney form giving our attorney such rights.

In response to the item numbered 4) on your correspondence, we do not anticipate any patent or copyrights evolving from Troubled Times, Inc. funded efforts. The point is to get information out to the public, on common sense solutions that can be garnered easily by the common man. For instance, eating earthworms, however grizzly the thought, is a solution available to the common man. They are 82% protein, have Omega 3 as the essential oil, eat garbage, don’t run away, don’t require artificial lighting, and are a proven diet supplement. We have members who have prepared and eaten them. This is not a copyrighted idea, but one offered to the public, hopefully with recipes developed by our funded activities.

In response to the item numbered 3) on your correspondence, we do not anticipate contracting research or studies. We have no contracts, and are giving no preference to any individual or organization. We intent to fund efforts by volunteers, who may need supplies, and primarily to use funding from grants or gifts to distribute information on how to live a healthy subsistence during difficult times. It may prove to be the case in the future that contracting might be done, but at present we have extremely capable scientists are part of the Troubled Times volunteer teams, as examination of the Lumens TOPIC in the Energy section of the web site will show, or the Radio TOPIC in the Information section. I would like our attorney to address this item is this response is not satisfactory.

In response to the item numbered 1) and 2) on your correspondence, the information to be made available, free of charge to the public based on gifts or grants to the nonprofit, does include information by which the public can make their own determinations. The information will be taken from the Troubled Times web site, which I have printed off and included for your convenience. These are samples of the information at that web site, which is growing apace, and include the following: